The WestEnd Commons

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The building at 641 St. Matthew’s Avenue, formerly called St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, is now known as the WestEnd Commons. (As for St. Matthew’s, we are clear the church has a home in the building; the church is the living, worshipping family and not any building).

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The WestEnd Commons

In 2010, St. Matthew’s entered into a partnership with Grain of Wheat Church-Community to establish St. Matthews Non Profit Housing Inc and develop the WestEnd Commons. In 2011, St. Matthew’s gave a 50 year lease of its building to SMNPH and is now a tenant in the building and an active member of the community of communities that is now the WestEnd Commons.

St. Matthew’s sanctuary is in the SE corner of the main and second floors of the WestEnd Commons. Its offices are in the Neighbourhood Resource Centre in the lower level.

The WestEnd Commons’ mission is to create a collaborative community of hope, joy and strength in the West End of Winnipeg. The WestEnd Commons has 26 units of rental housing for families, 20 of which are rent-geared-to-income; a Neighbourhood Resource Centre, and a worship centre. Its official opening was March 2015.