Offerings and Donations

We have been asked from time to time where our funding comes from, and if we get some funding from the Diocese.  In fact it goes the other way: the only money we receive is from members and supporters of St. Matthew’s; and money for the operations of the Diocese comes from parishes like ours – although less from St. Matthew’s, because of our low income.  St. Matthew’s is proud of how much life happens in our parish on such a shoestring budget!  We use the money that comes to us very well.

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How to Make Your Offering

>> Into the OFFERING PLATE on a Sunday morning when we gather in person.


>> By mailed CHEQUE to our treasurer (please contact us for the address); or to our church address.

>> Straight from your bank account through AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWAL using PAR via our United Church cousins. Fill out the form and send it to us.

>> With a credit card through the CANADA HELPS website.

If you provide us with your mailing address and/or email address, you will receive a receipt for income tax purposes early in the new year.  (However, donations through Canada Helps are receipted through that organization). 

On Sundays when we meet, the offering is brought to the altar and prayed over along with the Communion elements for the good work of God in bringing abundant life to all people; when we can’t meet in person, we pray over all the gifts we share by distance.

Our late treasurer cuts his cake while the current treasurer and her young’n have his back.

How Much Is the Right Amount?

The late Bob Clarkson, Treasurer at St. Matthew’s for many years, told us that relative to other parishes, St. Matthew’s has a high rate of giving per person and high participation in giving; we share what we can. In deciding on your giving, it may be helpful to use the traditional 10% of income. However, many give more because they are able, and many with less to work with give less. The riches our parish family shares are of many types besides money.