Faith and Worship

While committed to the Christian path, we do not all believe the exact same things; there is room in our parish family for doubt, exploration, and diversity. What holds us together is shared worship, shared Communion, and shared love for one another.

What makes you part of the St. Matt’s parish family and an “official” Anglican (not required)?  Your own understanding that this is the church you are part of, as well as participating in the life of the parish.  You join us in worship — you’re a part of us; you can’t join us, but feel connected — you are a part of us.  Baptism is not required, but is a sacrament of commitment that identifies you as a Christian.  There is also a process for Confirmation that sacramentally affirms rooting into the Christian and Anglican traditions. 

St. Matthew’s worships in the Anglican tradition, using the liturgy found in the Book of Alternative Services of the Anglican Church of Canada. We aim for participation rather than polish, and have rotating roles in the liturgy together each Sunday. Our worship includes singing, prayer, scripture, candle-lighting, and Holy Communion; all are welcome to take part together in these.

St. Matthew’s choir is its congregation. As part of our worship, our music director leads us in community singing in a diversity of musical genres.

As a liturgical church, we follow the seasons of the church year and use scripture readings from a common lectionary; the lectionary works through much of the Bible every three years, and on any given Sunday we have the same scripture readings as other liturgical churches. Parts of our liturgy stay the same week to week, so that they may be committed to memory; other parts change seasonally or weekly.

Besides Sunday morning worship, we also gather in small groups for Discipleship and Centering Prayer.