A Growing Faith-Life

As part of your Lent season of reflection, you might like to do this virtual Stations of the Cross from Broken Halo. They are contemplative, but be encouraged to also question the perspectives offered. May they be an opportunity for spiritual growth and/or wellness. You can find the list of all fourteen stations at Broken Halo’s website.

Another Lenten help might be prayer with beads (or ropes), such as this prayer from Iona:

As people of faith, we seek to dwell more and more deeply in our Source and to be transformed by the Spirit. At different times of our lives we may be more drawn to learning, to wrestling with and discerning what it is we believe, or to spiritual practices such as prayer.

The liturgy of the worship service includes a combination of learning and practice; find ways to include both in your own life, in ways that meet your particular needs at this unique time of your life.  What you need changes over time; you may want to try something new for Lent or Advent (the seasons preceding Easter and Christmas).

Learning and Discerning

Learning and Discerning help you find the roots, the saints, and the visions in our rich faith tradition that deepen your belonging and your understanding as a member of the family of Christ. Our faith and our God invite us to wrestle with scripture, to sift through the tradition and the teachings we have received, and to discern which theologies are life-giving and bring us deeper into the abundant life of our Creator Source. 

Some things that help our members learn and discern include Bible Study, book studies, sermons, discussion, exploring theologies, interfaith and ecumenical sources.

Spiritual Practices

Spiritual Practice creates habits of mind and heart that allow the holy to permeate our lives and allow us to dwell in connectedness with all creation, in Christ.

Some practices that St. Matthew’s people have found helpful include Holy Communion, Centering Prayer (like meditation), Lectio Devina (scroll to bottom of Centering Prayer page), Gospel-Based Discipleship, listening groups, praying together, prayer beads (here are three different ways of using beads; find what works for you), candle-lighting, Taize singing, and hymn-singing.

“Stay with Me”, one of many beautiful Taize and Taize-style songs