Sunday morning with St. Matt’s

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an Easter-season service

It is hard to do anything “wrong” at St. Matthew’s: you are welcome to participate in worship as you wish, in a spirit of respect for one another.

You may find that there are a lot of papers to follow during worship; if you prefer, set the papers aside, relax and go with the flow.

Children’s Time during the Sunday morning church service is a contemplative time for ages 3-8 with their own story, wondering, and sharing in the Montessori/Godly Play tradition. It starts upstairs shortly after the beginning of the service, and children rejoin the rest of the gathered in time to receive Communion.

All are welcome to take Communion or not, as comfortable.

If you prefer, you may cross your arms in front of you to receive a blessing instead of bread and wine at Communion.

Some worshippers also light a candle in prayer at Communion time.