Centering Prayer

“Be still and know that I am God.”  ~Psalms 46: 10

We are currently meeting for Centering Prayer by Zoom on Wednesdays at 5pm. Please contact the rector for the link.

The contemplative liturgy includes meditative prayer, short meditative songs in the Taize style, and scripture reading.  The prayer part of the service involves stillness and quietness in order to make room for God’s presence and voice within us.  It is similar to meditation in other traditions, but comes out of centuries-old Christian practice. 

If our prayer times do not work for you, talk to the priest regarding what time does work.  It only takes three of us to start another group!

The weekly gathering can be a support to your own daily practice, if you have one.  More information on the method can be found on the Contemplative Outreach website.

Some Taize-style songs for your own centering:

Come and Find the Quiet Centre

Bless the Lord, My Soul

Take, Oh Take Me as I Am

One of our Saints, Fletcher, who was a faithful pray-er

A Simple Liturgy to be used weekly or daily

Open our hearts; and our lives shall proclaim your praise. Glory to the Creator, Christ and Holy Spirit; as it was in the beginning, is now and will be forever.

You are in the midst of us, O God; and we are called by your name. The spirit of God be our guide to lead us to peace and to wholeness. You are in the midst of us, O God; and we are called by your name.

Take time in silence to make room for God in your self, to open your heart and mind to God’s presence and action in you, to rest in God.  One way of doing this is called centering prayer: choose a word or phrase that represents God for you (some use Jesus, Love, Peace, Here I Am) and use it to continually return to resting in the present, in God’s presence.  Take five minutes or thirty, as you are able.

Take time to pray for the concerns on your heart and to give thanks.

Scripture Reading  (Lectio Divina)the Gospel for the week (for the day find in BAS or online at

1st Reading:   what word or phrase stood out for you?

2nd reading:   what do you hear the Spirit saying to you through this passage?

3rd reading:   silence to enter deeper into prayerfully contemplating what this means for your life.

I continue on my way, keeping near to our Creator and Source through it all. Thanks be to God.   Amen.