Worship with St. Matthew’s

Sunday morning worship services are IN-PERSON at 10:30am. Both Children’s Time and the main service require masks and distancing.

Each Sunday there is also an online mini-service available here and on our Facebook page. It is word-based rather than liturgical, comprised of a Collect Prayer, Reading, Homily (sermon), and Closing Prayer/Blessing. This week’s is below:

Mini-Service Video for May 22nd, 2022 — Sixth Sunday in Easter:

Opening Hymn: 572 Let There Be Light

Closing Hymn: 390 Womb of Life and Source of Being or this one with words but not our tune

Past worship and mini-service videos are available on our Facebook page.

As always, to make an offering, please see our Offerings page.

Contact us if you don’t receive our emails and announcements but would like to. You are invited to share prayer requests with the parish as well.

An outdoor Communion service in Agnes Green Space
vestry meeting with pandemic restrictions, pre mask requirement

We are a church family, held together by a common Spirit and a common commitment.  We help support one another, and we continue to be a people who pray, grow, and love. We seek to be an expressive, relational church even when we’re not together.