Note: currently we are not serving Communion from the common cup, and distance is maintained

Communion is central to worship in our tradition, and is part of every Sunday service. It is a weekly opportunity for us to reflect on our lives and commit yet again to the process of opening our hearts and receiving from the Beloved. All are free to choose whether or not to participate in Communion: we understand that we gather in support of one another, but with respect for our privacy and different paths.


At St. Matthew’s we use naan bread for Communion; if you prefer a wafer, let us know when you come up to receive. If you require gluten-free, please let us know before the service begins and we will strive to have it available during Communion whenever you attend.

We drink wine from the common cup. This symbolizes in a tangible way that we are committed to one another’s care and welfare, that we are “one body” as the body of Christ in the world. The high alcohol content of the fortified wine, the gold and silver chalice, and the wiping of the cup with the linen all help prevent the transmission of pathogens. However, please do not intinct (dip the bread into the cup), as this has been shown to increase pathogens in the wine–apparently our hands are much germier than our mouths!

If you prefer not to take the wine, you may wish to touch your fingers to the base of the cup instead.