Readings and Prayers

Readings may be found at the Revised Common Lectionary website.


Prayers for the church in the Cycle of Prayer:

In the Anglican Church of Canada we pray for:  the newly elected Primate, archbishop Linda Nicholls; our national Indigenous archbishop Mark McDonald; Mark Thompson and the general synod staff;

In Our Diocese of Rupert’s Land we pray for:  our bishop Geoff Woodcroft;

In Our Parish Family we pray for:  the Jordans; Lamine K and family; Cyril K and Lynne S; the West Central Community Program for schoolchildren and the Thelma Wynne Project for newborns.

For Our Parish:  St. Matthew’s, here in the heart of the city in the heart of God.  Strengthen our church to be like a great tree giving shade and shelter to all who come.  Under its branches let the people rest in your grace and be re-rooted in your kingdom’s work.  May the streets of our community be holy ground beneath our feet.

Pray for those in Care Homes:  Rose B; Winnifred C; Sylvester T.

 Pray for people who have died:   Mordina Duncan; Andrena Evans; Keesha Goulet;   Rest eternal grant unto them, O Lord; and let light perpetual shine upon them.

 Pray for people in need:  the Parker family; Beryl; Emeka U; Theresa H; Solveig and Sebastean; Janice; Darryl B; Vivian and family; Duncan family; Evans family; Judy H and family; Darrin G and family; Trinity; Rev. John W; Natasha B; Irma; Fred; our cousin church St. James in Grand Rapids and Ellen C as she works with them;

 Pray in Thanksgiving:  for Mary D, Corwin A, Pat S, and Sheryl B on their birthdays.