WestEnd Commons Housing Report

St. Matthew’s Church, as a founding partner in the WestEnd Commons, has 3 members on the WEC Board. Marilyn B completed 6 years on the Board in the spring of 2021 and we thank her for her years of representing St. Matthew’s in this way. Our member / representatives as of December 2021 were Ryan R, Whitney M and Maia G. Unfortunately, in January, 2022, Maia resigned from her position for personal reasons. Consequently, there is now a vacancy which needs to be filled immediately by a member of St. Matthew’s congregation. Please consider if this is a ministry you are able to undertake. Board terms are for 3 years. [This vacancy has been filled! Thanks to Pat S for taking on this role.]

During 2021, the WestEnd Commons got a much-needed new heating system. This improvement was financed primarily by a second mortgage on the building. St. Matthew’s has already felt the benefits of this new system. We anticipate that many of the heating issues of the past will now be resolved.

Over the past 2 years, the management of the WEC shifted from SAM Management to management by the WEC board itself. This continues to prove to have been a good decision. Currently the WEC staff are: Olga Rogozina, Property and Community Life Director; Paul Campbell, Building Manager, and recently hired Katherine Johnston, assistant to the Director. Together the staff create an environment supportive to the tenants and make the WEC more than a standard affordable housing building. At the end of 2021, all units in the WEC were occupied which has not been the case for some time.

A problem which has continued to be of great concern is the number of break-ins to the building. The church has felt the impact of some of these. The staff and Board have worked on preventive measures but the building continues to be targeted.

The WEC welcomes donations which can be made through St. Matthew’s. Donations assist in a number of areas including programming for the residents. If you are able to make a financial donation or are able to contribute your time by becoming a representative for St. Matthew’s, please speak to our priest, Gwen, warden, Marilyn B or myself, a member of the WEC Community Life Committee.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail S